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I'm addicted to shoes - and no matter what I buy, I always want more. I love having the perfect shoe to complete an outfit. My tastes run the gamut from designer heels to cool sneakers. I am always planning my next shoe purchase - and then I have to work out where to keep them all. It's not as easy as it sounds, my whole wardrobe is quite packed. My family is bored with hearing about by shoes, and I know I'm not the only one like this so I made blog to share my shoes obsession with the world!

Shopping Tips for Mother- and Father-of-the-bride Outfits


Attending the wedding of your daughter is a time of great pride and joy. You are watching your child setting off to form a family of her own. There will be cameras galore snapping away, both formal and candid shots, and the photos taken on this day will be on display for your family to look at for years and decades to come. As a result finding a great outfit is important, to help you look and feel your best on this important day.

Here is how to find the perfect outfit.

Get involved in the wedding planning

If you want to blend in with the aesthetic of the wedding, spend some time with the bride and groom learning about the style and colour of the groomsmen's suits, and the colour and style of the bridesmaids dresses. While you don't have to wear matching clothing, you can often reflect the theme in a similar tone or a style of outfit, more suited to your personal style.

Research attractive outfits for people in your age group

Luckily with the current generation of celebrities everyone can find gorgeous formal outfits for people of all ages. By finding current pictures of your favourite celebrities in formal wear, to help inspire you to look you to look age appropriate yet attractive, and stay on trend.

Often coming into a store with an inspiring photo can help sales assistants and personal shoppers point you in the right direction of outfits you might like. They might even have a specific section of formal wear that is catered towards your age group that will be more comfortable and conservative. You can view some of these options online before visiting a store.

Enlist a personal shopper

If one of the parents of the bride is looking to wear an outfit that no longer flatters them, a personal shopper can be a great option. A personal shopper can act as a third, neutral, voice to help nudge people in the direction of a more modern and flattering outfit. Personal shoppers can also challenge your ideas on the outfits and styles that suit you best, which often change as you get older. You can contact some local personal shoppers through resources such as TheStyle Effect Pty Ltd.

Congratulations on the wedding of your daughter. Finding a great outfit can help you and your daughter relax and really enjoy the day.


25 March 2015