Too many shoes, not enought feet

I'm addicted to shoes - and no matter what I buy, I always want more. I love having the perfect shoe to complete an outfit. My tastes run the gamut from designer heels to cool sneakers. I am always planning my next shoe purchase - and then I have to work out where to keep them all. It's not as easy as it sounds, my whole wardrobe is quite packed. My family is bored with hearing about by shoes, and I know I'm not the only one like this so I made blog to share my shoes obsession with the world!

5 Rules For Men to Dress Well & Get Ahead at Work


According to experts, the right clothes are an extension of your personal brand. This means that depending on what clothes the employee chooses to wear, a perception on their ability can be influenced by what they wear, and how they are seen in the eyes of management, co-workers and clients.

Most corporate workplaces have a strict professional dress code but leave it up to employees to select their own corporate workwear. This allows the individual to take some liberties and personalise their wardrobes. For men, it also leaves room to make fashion faux pas. Fortunately there are some cardinal rules that they can follow so they project their best image each and every day.  

1. Conservative Over Trendy

As a general rule, always opt for more conservative options over items that are more forward thinking. This goes for colour choices and ties, where darker colours will project a more serious and authoritative side.

Once you determine more what's the norm in the industry or the specific workplace, you can add flashes of colour or more casual elements to align with the industry norm. For examples tan chinos over black suit pants will likely be more welcomed in creative workplaces like a design studio over a financial services business.

2. The Right Fit

If there ever was a golden rule this is it. Too many men struggle between finding business shirts and pants that are either too baggy or too tight fitting. Always get the shirts and pants that are tailored to your body shape. Most people wear shirts that are too big and these hinder ease of movement, so explore slimmer fits, remembering slimmer fit doesn't necessarily mean skinny.

Know your own measurements including neck size, arm length and chest size so that you can match these to measurements on business shirts. And don't be afraid to get the advice of staff in the menswear section of the department store; it's their job to know the rules of fitting tailored clothing. 

3. Full-length Black Socks

When sitting cross legged, there's nothing worse than work pants lifting up to show white or colourful socks or ankle socks that expose bare legs. Always wear black socks by default and make sure they are the right length. This means none of the ankle length variety.

4. Invest in Classic, Quality Items

Quality, classic shirts and pants will last for years. When it comes to trousers, if you find makers that suit your style and fit well, buy several. These are wardrobe staples after all and will serve for many years to come. Remember to consider new purchases against your existing wardrobe items. As a general rule if the new piece will match with at least three other garments, allowing three different outfits, it's a good investment.

5. Keep Shoes Clean and Shined

It's important to not overlook the shoes in attempts to create the right impression from head to toe. Nothing says you don't care like shoes that are worn or falling apart. If laces are frayed or boots scuffed, make sure they are replaced and always have shoes polished and shined regularly. Always match light or dark shoe colours with the shade of the trousers and avoid dark black shoes with lighter trousers. 


31 March 2015