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I'm addicted to shoes - and no matter what I buy, I always want more. I love having the perfect shoe to complete an outfit. My tastes run the gamut from designer heels to cool sneakers. I am always planning my next shoe purchase - and then I have to work out where to keep them all. It's not as easy as it sounds, my whole wardrobe is quite packed. My family is bored with hearing about by shoes, and I know I'm not the only one like this so I made blog to share my shoes obsession with the world!

7 Benefits of Hemp Active Wear


Hemp clothing is highly sustainable. It's also a great option if you love to work out. Here are some of the benefits of hemp activewear.

1. Hemp Is Water Absorbent

If you sweat a lot while working out, hemp can absorb that water and wick it to the outside of your clothing, where it can evaporate, allowing you to cool off. In this way, hemp clothing helps you to avoid that sticky feeling that can develop under your clothes when you exercise.

2. Hemp Protects Against UV

When you are exercising outdoors, it is important to take action to prevent sunburn. Hemp clothing naturally blocks UV radiation from the sun. By covering your body with hemp active wear, you can help to keep your skin unburned and protected against cancer.

3. Hemp Is Naturally Antimicrobial

Hemp fabrics naturally resist the growth of bacteria, which means that it is less likely to develop a bad smell when you wear it for working out. If you are tired of your workout shirts developing a funk that you can't seem to wash out, try replacing them with hemp active wear so that you can stay smelling fresher for longer.

4. Hemp Is Durable

The last thing you want is for your workout clothes to rip in the middle of your workout. Avoid embarrassing clothing mishaps by choosing hemp active wear, which is highly durable and unlikely to tear while you are running, jumping, or stretching. Hemp also does a great job of keeping its shape, even after many washes.

5. Hemp Helps You Regulate Temperature

Staying cool while working out can be a challenge. As hemp is a highly porous fabric, it has great breathability and therefore allows you to avoid overheating while you run that race or hike up a mountain on a hot day.

6. Hemp Retains Colour

Knowing that you look good in your workout clothing can encourage you to go to the gym more often. Unlike some other fabrics, hemp retains its colour no matter how many times you wash it, which means that you never have the embarrassment of sporting a washed-out outfit that looks old and tired. Look good season after season when you choose hemp active wear.

7. Hemp Is Environmentally Friendly

Hemp is a natural material that can be grown without harsh chemicals. It is also easy to process and creates no harmful waste products. Unlike synthetic materials, hemp does not leach microplastics into the water when you wash it.

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8 December 2021